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Creating Dimension Video Series

By purchasing this bundled product, you are ordering all 4 courses of Paul Messink's newly updated video series, Creating Dimension.  The four courses included in the series include:

  • Course 1: Introduction to Enamels
  • Course 2: Complete Multi-Layer Panel Process (Available: April 15th, 2021)
  • Course 3: Painting Guide to Multi-Layered Panels (Available: June 2021)
  • Course 4: Bubble Control and Fog (Available: July 2021)

These courses will become available on a monthly basis, starting with Course 1 which is available now, then Courses 2, 3, and 4 in April, May, and June. Once each course becomes available, you will be given login information and access instructions.

Included in each course are all of the video lessons (both lectures and extensive demos), complete and comprehensive handouts (almost an e-book in itself for each course), firing schedules, and materials lists for each project.

This bundle saves you more than 18% off the price of buying each course individually.

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Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Paul Messink

I've worked with glass for 18 years, and have been teaching my layered painting technique for 8 years. My Creating Dimension video series gives you every bit of knowledge you'll need to paint and fire your own beautiful panels - I hold nothing back!

In late 2020 I began improving and reorganizing the original video series. My completely new and revamped video series is now arriving in 2021.

My 4-part series include extensive video lectures and recorded demos, along with detailed, downloadable, industry-best handouts that include firing schedules. These materials never expire! I'm so proud to bring you this incredible course that continues to receive 5-star ratings for excellence.

For materials or tools you need, head over to

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Creating Dimension - Bundle of all 4 courses

This bundle provides you access to the entire 4-course Creating Dimension series.

This bundle makes it easy to purchase the entire 4-part Creating Dimension series.

Course 1 is available now. Course 2 comes out in April 2021, and courses 3 and 4 follow at the end of May and June 2021.

You can purchase this bundle now, and you will have access to each course as they become available.

Save $65 with this bundle - it's almost like getting course 1 for free!