5-Star Reviews for Creating Dimension

Whether students have purchased his earlier videos or have attended his workshops, artists have consistently given 5-star reviews. Read just some of the video reviews below:

Loved the first course and was so impressed I bought the entire set! There is so much unique and valuable information in these courses - learned so much - and even made several small layered pieces. Looking forward to making many more. No regrets. Go get you one!!  -C.

I have been wanting to work with enamels for a long time. This masterclass has given me everything I need to take my fusing to a higher quality. Well worth the price for the set. - K.

I absolutely love this technique. I have made many attempts and feel that I am there now. This first course is one that I refer back to often while learning. Paul is a true gem, and I look forward to more from him. - K. Q.

I just love Paul's class! I have taken his in-studio workshop but decided to get the videos because they are such great reviews. Anything I need to recall is right there to watch. I just love it! - M

Painting on glass is something I have worked to perfect. I have tried all the paints and enamels but I was never really pleased with the results. That has all changed now that I do Paul’s multi-level paintings! I love the depth and atmosphere that is attainable with his process. Can I send a photo of my favorite pieces created the “Messink Way”? - K.

Paul's attention to detail, his ability to explain and to help one to deconstruct an image to reproduce is amazingly clear and coherent. I was able to do these projects with quite surprising success. The principles shared in this tutorial were excellent. Doing the full series is truly well worth the investment. The second course really took the tools from the first one and soared high above the basics. The information Paul shared goes way above most videos as he took great care and effort to anticipate any questions one might have in creating this kind of multi-layered piece. It's great to have the videos to refer back to over and over again as the principles are applied in one's own work. Great opportunity for those who want to explore painting and composition.  - K. S.

The volume of information shared is unbelievable. Great way to save on travel, class fees, and be able to review technique over and over. - I.

After purchasing the first video, it was a given that I would want more information and purchase the next. This video took the information a bit further and gave the details of working with thick layers of glass. Again, all the information you needed to be successful was given to you and presented in a manner that you could understand. - A.

If I had to make anything from just watching this video 1 time, I wouldn’t be able to make a thing. Everything in this is so intense and so beautiful and Paul thankfully makes it seem so easy. He is precise in his instructions and takes his time explaining each step which I am thankful for and because of the way the outline is divided I am able to go to the exact place I need to. Thank you sir. - P. C.

Such great information presented in a step by step manner that is easy to follow. Now I'm able to create pieces I never dared to attempt before. AND I can go back and listen to the information again and again to be sure I'm doing each step correctly. Well worth the price! - J.

Worth every penny! If you want to take the next step beyond plates and bowls, this series will open the door and challenge you to do more. - A.


As an instructor, these comments mean so much to me, and I am grateful that so many have benefited from my workshops and video series. Thank you to everyone in the international glass community for your support!  - Paul Messink